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Flight of the Kingfisher‘ and ‘Walk in the Afterlight‘, my supernatural novels featuring psychic medium Alex Kelburn, are now available. Please click on the titles to go to their pages for information, extract readings, reviews and where to purchase.

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available from all on-line retailers

My next publication, mid-March 2021, will be something completely different – a fundraiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Told from the point of view of a Guide Dog Puppy called ‘Buddy’ and illustrated with over 100 colour photographs, this is a fun and informative way to learn about the first training stage these amazing dogs go through with their Puppy Raisers. There’s more on the Buddy page.

now available from Amazon

Coming in June 2021 is the publication of my humorous novel ‘Orders From Above‘ about angels wreaking havoc in a sleepy Wiltshire village. I will add information just as soon as it becomes available.

available from 1st June 2021

Also here are my Blog Posts about some of the real-life events that have inspired my supernatural fiction, and various other things writerly, and a selection of my poetry.

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last updated: 24 April 2021