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Writing Matters:

28/09/20 Writing Matters #1: starting over
19/10/20 Writing Matters #2: the leaf
28/10/20 Writing Matters #3: the hospice patient
07/11/20 Writing Matters #4: turning off life support
18/01/21 Writing Matters #5: communication with the dead
28/01/21 Writing Matters #6: a change of genre
17/02/21 Writing Matters #7: writing a fundraiser
24/02/21 Writing Matters #8: from puppy dogs to angels
25/03/21 Writing Matters #9: from angels back to puppy dogs

A Dog Called Donut:

03/12/20 A Dog Called Donut – a true story (part I)
08/12/20 A Dog Called Donut – a true story (part II)
15/12/20 A Dog Called Donut – a true story (part III)

Book Extracts:

31/12/20 Flight of the Kingfisher: extract
10/01/21 Walk in the Afterlight: extract